@Horizon_Innovations it's a twitter bot, and correctly marked as such. Nobody using a proper app will mistake it for the real person.

It exists because someone decided to follow that twitter account through our Birdsitelive instance. Birdsitelive creates such bots on-demand.

I could block people from following this particular twitter account, but then there's other Birdsitelive instances they would use instead.

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Back when Alex Jones was simultaneously purged from all major social media platforms, many argued it was fine, because Alex Jones was uniquely bad. Three years later the Executive Branch is demanding simultaneous cross-platform purges for "misinformation." Great foresight, idiots

Michael Tracey

@pasture would you consider adding an Instance:PublicTwitterAccounts option?

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[RT @DrAseemMalhotra]

ALL children should not be vaccinated against #COVID19 - BMJ

‘hypothetical benefits to adults do not outweigh risks to children’

Via @bmj_latest


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Vax passports aren't about health; they're about total control.

Prepping late lunch. Which one(s) would you pick?

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My jaw dropped at the scale of how poor refined grains are at delivering nutrition, and how high the calorie load is. t.co/P0UnH1sjO2

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Keto folks will bemoan my use of turkey sausage, reduced fat cheese, and egg whites. Paleo folks will bemoan my use of dairy. Carnivores will bemoan the oxalates my spinach. Yet I’d estimate that this is a healthier breakfast than 80% of what Americans eat. #nozealotry

@drgo the vaccinated still get infected though. What you choose is a reduction of symptoms - can be life-saving - with the trade-off being side-effects which, usually but not always, are minor.

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Safteyism has been the newest religion of the left this past year. Everything they do must be in the name of safety. Even if it means horrible pain and suffering. Let's lock grandma up in solitary confinement for a year for her safety. Let's give her an experimental vaccine for her safety. Then when she dies from covid after being vaxxed alone in her room they say "it's ok, its what's to be expected from a good but inperfect vaccine. At least she was safe"
I'm sick of this bullshit.

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@BigSkyRider ha! So tell the building manager you won't ask anything - not even their name! Then make sure to full out your spreadsheet with all the info 🤣

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Sweden is not even in the top 30 countries in covid deaths per capita (population greater than 1 million).

It is currently ranked 31, well below the EU average.

The top 30 are filled with hard lockdowns.

If lockdowns worked, this should be impossible.

Lockdowns. Don’t. Work.

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Why do many people experience LESS stomach grumbling with a low carbohydrate diet?

Part of the explanation...
Ghrelin increases gastrointestinal motility t.co/6kg1aKQw86
A low carbohydrate diet is associated with day-long reduction in ghrelin t.co/kMtPEseAdP

@CSB @PhoneBoy unfortunately not. You're not allowed to use regular Windows licenses in a data center.

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