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@Dan_Ramos @saiv46 these chemoburgers are just as plant-based as a barrel of oil. Just a healthy too, probably.

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@CSB note that data center based VPN (which I use) is usually not subject to restrictions imposed by Russian gov. It's different from residential connections.

@CSB can access. Tested using servers in Moscow, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg and St Petersburg.

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My apologies for the downtime.

The Carnivore server ran out of disk space. Disk space has now been expanded.

We've also setup early warnings to monitor disk space and other parameters.

@Soy_Magnus @mrman @Bishop you can see your sessions in Preferences/Account settings. (Of course a real pro would not leave such tracks.)

Regardless, a single screenshot is not a lot to go by. We don't know whether this image comes from carnivore.social, noagendasocial.com, the media store used by either of them or the end user app.

@Soy_Magnus @mrman @Bishop couldn't tell you. Mastodon does not keep track of past avatars.

@Horizon_Innovations it's a twitter bot, and correctly marked as such. Nobody using a proper app will mistake it for the real person.

It exists because someone decided to follow that twitter account through our Birdsitelive instance. Birdsitelive creates such bots on-demand.

I could block people from following this particular twitter account, but then there's other Birdsitelive instances they would use instead.

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Back when Alex Jones was simultaneously purged from all major social media platforms, many argued it was fine, because Alex Jones was uniquely bad. Three years later the Executive Branch is demanding simultaneous cross-platform purges for "misinformation." Great foresight, idiots

Michael Tracey

@pasture would you consider adding an Instance:PublicTwitterAccounts option?

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[RT @DrAseemMalhotra]

ALL children should not be vaccinated against #COVID19 - BMJ

‘hypothetical benefits to adults do not outweigh risks to children’

Via @bmj_latest


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