Every time I use mastodon I remember how much I hate @alexgleasonator and his jewish boogery

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@cowanon @cope @Moon what the shit I'm not doing that. I like to imagine crunklord, pistolero, moon and a few other elite hackers maintain the fediverse through rigorous coding and a hate for twitter. If anything goes wrong I blame Alex Gleason and graf for Jewish trickery, as seen on spc as we speak

@Moon @cope @cowanon I can't post it on spc cause the media servers down but here's the 2 codes I got this morning

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@BlinkRape time pool makes sex to used gym socks so hes noncredible

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@Matty hey man im pretty disappointed in u for defederating me. Weak sauce my dude

Hey cool, i just found out that tyese guys didnt fry. Not sure why they acted so fuccky but ill stick with .club as my main. Sadly i can no longer wear the badge of causing someone to nuke a server this is so sad 1 like = 1 jesus

@omnipotens is it 2 seperates servers or is the mastadon & peertube hosted in the same place? This is the first ive ever seen that

@MoeBritannica that's an unfortunate string of trending, the social engineers will make sure trevor noah takes the top spot in no time with their algorithmic manipulation

@crunklord420 i feel like its real. Just the minute social cues between the two of them says chris took it as a joke until he realized it wasnt and he was on thr spot. Idk im good at recognizing facial expressions and mannerisms its seems legit to me. Well see if he sues, he should if it wasnt staged but will just commited hollywood suicide with that one. Hes gonna have a hard time finding good roles imo now even though hes a good actor

@Moon man that boy laughed his smack right the hell off. Being laughed at hurts the ego, not so easily repaired. I didnt honestly know that happened but it said volumes about both people

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