Telegram Censorship By Good – The Fix
👉🏻 You probably already saw :
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🤬 It means that Google / Apple have censored the post or the page.

🔎 Telegram does not practice censorship, but their application is hosted on the Google Play Store and AppStore, so they are dependent on Google/Apple censorship policies.

👌🏻 But there is a simple and very quick solution to

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) ...a conglomerate of big-tech/energy/pharma/food, etc. These companies-gone-woke would like to limit private vehicle use, ban the consumption of red meat, and impose "extreme" energy-saving measures (presumably similar to what they did in Texas last winter).

Iran: Ebrahim Raisi, A Mass Murderer For President
The perpetrator of Genocide and Crime against Humanity
Introduction: A mass murderer for president, why?
Iran is on the brink of a seminal transformation in this year’s presidential “election.” The regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, took a major step this week to push through his preferred candidate for the presidency, Ebrahim Raisi, current

Sasha Johnson, a 26-year-old ‘Oxford Black Panther’ who was working on creating a new Britain black-led political party and vowed to make white men "our slaves" was shot earlier this morning. The shooting took place in Peckham, south London, at around 3am. Police are investigating.


PARLAY No. I (2021): Absolute Proof of Joe Biden’s Ongoing Systemic Racism
Absolute proof given of the systemic racism authored by Joe Biden, proof of Left Blackfacing, & racial slander/gaslighting by Republicans.

About this event

In the inaugural 'Parlay' conference for the newly formed John Brown Republican Party, sociopolitical activist and writer Krisjiannis Vitta

Knowledge of the commanders of the security units and battalions of Imam Ali – based on the experiences of the 2009 sedition
We obtained a copy of an internal IRGC book on how to deal with protests and the subversive youth. The book entitled "Knowledge of the commanders of the security units and battalions of Imam

May God Bless All
Your relationship with God is so special, no-one can judge it but God himself. If you wish to worship a toilet, that's between you and the toilet. None the less, always keep God in your heart.

Insurrection or Set Up?
I see a lot of Telegram accounts being suspended for posting about January 6th, 2020. Figured I better archive some of these videos. We all know "Freedom of Speech" is currently under attack. I'm not agreeing with some of the commentary that comes along with these videos, but I see they are being erased and I'm sure it's for a reason.

House impeachment managers show never before release

Emen Net Pasargad
We’ve been informed that the Iranian cyber company “Emen Net Pasargad” (“Eeleyanet Gostar”), led by Mohammad Bagher Shirinkar, is going to carry out an impulsive action against the United States’ national security. They are acting against the USA at a time that its new President is working to improve the relations with our country Iran! We will sabotage your plans and expose all available evidence and document


🚨Four "Nazi terrorists" were arrested following an alleged plot to assassinate President Macron

👉🏻 In total, nearly a dozen people were arrested. Many had legally owned weapons.

👨🏻‍⚖️ The Prosecutor affirms that this was a survivalist and identitarian group, with "Nazi" ideas and xenophobic ideology.

Downtown Seattle as anarchists blocked traffic and a lit a large American Flag on fire in the middle of this intersection.

The “most popular” president in history only has 26,000 people streaming his inauguration, has more dislikes than likes. 🤔


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