The wall on the border with Mexico was only a mile and a half unfinished.

All work has been discontinued, despite the fact that all materials are purchased and available.

BREAKING – An Iranian tanker with two million barrels of oil/gas has been seized by the United States and is being transported to US territorial waters.

‎The tanker was heading for Venezuela.

The crude is on board the Liberia-flagged Achilleas, which is sailing to the U.S. after the Department of Justice issued a seizure order.

Another terrorist attack by pro-Iranian proxies against an U.S. logstic convoy in SalahAldeen governorate, Iraq.

Twitter suspends account of Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei after it called to attack Trump.

ISIS-affiliated operatives have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Baghdad in which two men exploded in a crowded market, killing at least 32 people in the first major suicide bombing in Iraq in three years.

Iranian-backed Iraqi news outlets have been posting the following all evening.

'🔻 with video

After the official handover of power to Joe Biden, a new wave of protests began in a large number of American cities, the most important of which were Denver and Portland, and turned them into war zones."

Portland: At least one arrest made after DHS officers push forward against Antifa members. Trash cans are knocked over to prevent police vehicles and bikes from following in the street.

Military Helicopter crashed in area of West Bloomfield & Cheese Factory Road, Mendon, NY. Emergency personnel responding in large numbers. Still no word on how many were onboard, or the extent of their injuries.

SACRAMENTO — A few people with the group just pulled down the fence in front of Sac DA Anne Marie Schubert’s office. Police immediately ran out with weapons drawn. Group is on the move again.


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